Google’s “Next-Gen Personal Communication Device” in Testing

In addition to the WSJ recently reporting on an upcoming home-entertainment system, it appears Google have another piece of Hardware in the works, in the form of a “next-generation personal communication device” which has just passed through the FCC for testing.

Details on the new Google gadget are sparse, though the FCC request does confirm both WiFi and Bluetooth, with the search company requesting permission to trial 102 units in different locations across the US.

Google is listed as the manufacturer of the devices, described as “in the prototyping phase”, and says that they will be connected to home internet connections via WiFi. Staff in Mountain View, Los Angeles, Cambridge and New York will all be involved, using the gadgets at work and at home.

It looks like Google’s planning a massive entry into the Hardware market with a whole line-up of products.

Coming packed with only Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (probably so carriers won’t have any interaction with the product on a personal level) I can’t see this device costing that much, which will obviously give it massive appeal with consumers from all ends of the market.

I’m expecting that the device will most likely have some form of interaction with the upcoming    home-entertainment system — But, the main attraction of the device (for me) lies with the possible integration of Google services such as Voice, Chat and Gmail, considering this has been described as a “personal communication device”.

Here’s hoping that we hear more on this at Google I/O later this year (end of June), or maybe even sometime before that.


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