Thoughts on Android from Microsoft’s Director of User Experience

In a recent interview with Gizmodo, Microsoft’s Director of User Experience (for Windows, Windows Live and Internet Explorer), Sam Moreau has some interesting words to say on the Android platform:

Gizmodo: Right, when I talk to people about Windows Phone, some people don’t like the cutoff text or whatever. But it has a sense of vision—a really strong sense of vision—and I think that’s a good thing, one way or another.

Sam Moreau: Yeah, because that was the thing that we get blamed for a lot. Or, I would say the thing that annoys me about Android is I don’t think it has a point of view. I think it’s trying to be this weird sci-fi version of an Apple design language, poorly executed. Some of it is starting to get there, you know, they got Matias there, and some things are starting to get a little better. They’re starting to get that—some sense of soul, but I do think that a lot of their soul is derived from some other place.

As Moreau said, they are starting to get there, but there’s going to have to be a lot more interaction from Google with their Android device manufacturers if they truly want to move away from being regarded as an Apple clone. And I think they’ve realised this too, with their planned acquisition of Motorola looking to go through sometime this year (if it ever does get accepted by the European Union regulators.)


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