HTC create Studio Department in hopes of creating higher quality products

Looks like HTC finally understood what they’ve been missing for quite some time, as they have just announced the creation of a new Studio department which will be a cross-disciplinary group made up of engineers, designers, and others.

By having a more focused approach to our product strategy, and having the organization behind the product strategy to support it. I think I have told some people when talked about the creation of this Studio, which is a department within HTC that reports directly to Peter (Chou, HTC CEO). And this group of people comprise the team from design, the team from engineering and etc; working on a cross-disciplinary approach, and reporting directly to Peter. It has a lot of focus, is spending a lot of time on the key products that we are going to launch this year. And I think from these various perspectives, organization more focused on strategy and having a more open mind on components, choosing the best components, will allow us to regain the edge in products.

We might even see the fruits of their labour as early as the end of the month when Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2012 comes around, as there have been numerous rumours floating about concerning a Quad-Core HTC Smartphone.


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