Samsung and the “Thing Called Love”

As you can see above, Samsung have finally released the first advert for the Galaxy Note in the U.S. (which also happened to be their first Super Bowl advert).

*sighs* If there was one word to describe Samsung Mobile right now, “Shameless” is the word I would pick.

“It’s got a Pen!!”, yeah and so does almost every Pocket PC from the early 00s (I could mention the Apple Newton if you want to go further back). I mean, what makes you think I should even take the device seriously when you’re flaunting a stylus around like it’s supposed to be the next big thing.

Anyway, the thing which irks me the most about all this is Samsung claiming to offer “Freedom” to consumers from the alleged tyranny of the iPhone with a device which just isn’t practical for everyday use. This ad definitely doesn’t do the South Korea-based corporation any favours in their battle to be recognised as the top Smartphone manufacturer in the world.

Apple-bashing aside, this advert is simply awful with Samsung trying to mix-and-match popular trends from over the past decade as well as butchering a song which could be labelled a “classic”, to some.

I wouldn’t even recommend buying a Samsung device which isn’t endorsed by Google (Nexus) to be honest, as there’s no telling when they’ll just end support for it. The Galaxy Note might not even see another OS upgrade past Ice Cream Sandwich, even though it is probably capable of running the next few versions of Android.

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  1. Well = point taken, it is a terrible advertisement. I have an HTC running Windows mobile 5 and it is the worst device I have ever owned, excluding ones that broke so quickly that I never got a chance to properly judge them….anyway, it is about 5 years old and yup – its got a pen!! (Good luck reading my handwriting) However. Maybe apple’s touch screens are lacking a pen, and considering the 6,000 or more patents they took out on the iPad, iTouch, iPhone etc – Samsung probably only have legal manouverability to show the Galaxy pen. I am no expert, but I have seen the way Apple deal with competition and its a whole new level of ruthless. When Mister Bell invented the phone I am sure he did not patent things like handsets, the circle diameter for dialling, and the frequency modulation of the dialtone….Apple did well to move things up to the touch screen level, but I live in a country where they have successfully blocked this product – so all I see around me are iPhone 3s with broken screens (its amazing how bad the quality of manufacture went from iPhone 2 to iPhone 3, and I am sure the 4 is just as junky, if not more).

    Enjoy your Galaxy’s. I’m sure its much better than their ads to generate this much hype :-]


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