HTC: We messed up with the oversized LTE Smartphones

SlashGear’s Chris Davies sums up what has been said by HTC execs on their shocking Q4 2011 results:

 HTC “dropped the ball” on its 2011 devices, the company’s CFO has admitted, with LTE-equipped handsets simply too thick and offering insufficient battery life. Speaking on the company’s financial results call today, following HTC’s unappealing Q4 2011 results, Chief Financial Officer Winston Yung conceded that HTC had plenty of work to do improving both “design and components.”

Well, what would you expect? This is the result of narrow-minded thinking on the part of HTC who seem to have gone with a “Bigger is better” philosophy when it came to making those huge LTE Smartphones, but then decide take the cheaper option when it came to battery life resulting in devices which could barely last you half a day when using them excessively.

It also comes down to the piles of cash wasted on ultra-powerful processors (also excessively draining the battery life) which weren’t even optimized well, so they were unable reach their full potential. To be honest, the speed which some of these Android devices (other Android manufacturers are guilty of this too) are running at could be achieved with last generation/less powerful processors if they were optimized effectively — you can just look at what Microsoft/Nokia and Apple have done with the Lumia 800/900 and the iPhone 4/4S respectively.

I would seriously recommend that HTC spend 2012 working on even just 2 or 3 Smartphones in total, so more time is spent on each device in the design/manufacturing process instead of constantly churning out similar devices but with minor changes, and just losing the overall product quality as a result.


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