How would Tumblr’s new ‘Highlighted Posts’ feature fare on WordPress?

As some of you may have heard, Tumblr rolled out a new feature for their users yesterday, entitled “Highlighted Posts”.

How it works:

Introducing: Highlighted Posts

Every now and then, a post comes along that’s meant for big things. It could be pulling the wraps off your new project, promoting your next show, raising awareness for a cause, or just sharing a truly incredible photo.

Today you’ll have a new option to Highlight those extra-important posts. For one dollar, your post will stand out in the Dashboard with a customizable sticker to make sure your followers take notice!


In regards to how this feature would fare on WordPress? I think it would do pretty well considering most people who Blog regularly are sure to have amazing posts which may have been missed by most of their followers, for one reason or another.

So while it may not mean much coming from me, I would definitely recommend to WordPress that they implement this feature sometime in the future — and then possibly tweak it a bit by making payments fast and simple (one-click), as well as limiting the amount of times a user can highlight posts a month (to around 3 or 4 posts).


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