RIM’s “Bold” new Superhero Team plunges them further into the Abyss

You would have thought Thorsten Heins would put an end to anything which could be perceived as bad for the company as soon as he positioned himself in the RIM hot-seat. Unfortunately (this word honestly feels like it’s become synonymous with RIM recently), that isn’t to be the case as the company’s BlackBerry division have just rolled out a new advertising campaign and enlisted the help of a few Superheroes to invigorate customers to #BeBold.

The team of four, which are said to personify #BeBold resolutions (but can easily be adapted to mirror the companies problems,) is said to include:                                                                                              The Achiever, GoGo girl who is known for “Saving the day with a brilliant strategy”;                             The Adventurer, Max Stone is “Able to jump out of a plane…”;                                                                  The Advocate, Justin Steele is “Always ready to stick up for his friends”;                                               and The Authentic, Trudy Foreal who is “Not afraid to call it as she sees it”.

Well, if it wasn’t evident a few days ago that they need a new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), it sure is now.


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