Apple recognised as top PC Vendor in Q4 2011 (iPads included)

Looks like HP chose the wrong Apple product to blatantly copy (context), as the results for PCs shipped in Q4 2011 have just come in, and Apple are leading with a 17 percent share of the 120 million PC’s shipped mainly because of their iPad sales (which reached over 15 Million), as well as their Mac sales which topped around 5 Million in the quarter,                                                                       The data, recorded by Canalys (which includes desktops, netbooks, notebooks, and tablets), shows HP slipped down to second for the first time in years – which could be attributed to the flooding in Thailand, which affected hard drive manufacturing plants for most of the year.

Results like this are sure to piss off those who claim that “the iPad is not a PC”, but it’s only going to get worse for them as Amazon will probably take a huge chunk of the market share next quarter, due to their Kindle Fire tablet (which has already notched up six million sales in Q4 alone (its launch quarter)).


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