Motorola’s big “slap in the face” to early Droid RAZR adopters

While Motorola promised to make fewer device models during 2012, it looks to be a whole different case when it comes to variants of devices already on the market – as Motorola has just announced that they will be releasing the Motorola Droid RAZR Developer Edition, to appease the customers who are disappointed that the original Droid RAZR did not  come preloaded with an unlockable bootloader.

We have some news for the community of people interested in unlockable/relockable bootloaders. Today, we announced a step forward in Europe with the availability of an unlockable version of our most in-demand product: the Motorola RAZR™ Developer Edition. This solution allows us to continue meeting our carrier and regulatory obligations, but also meets the needs being expressed by our developer community.

In the coming months, we also plan to introduce an unlockable developer device in the United States through MOTODEV, Motorola’s global developer network. Stay tuned to Motorola’s Developer site for additional info.

The Developer Edition, which comes with an unlockable bootloader, apparently couldn’t be pushed out to the original models due to “carrier and regulatory obligations”; which others, namely HTC, have no problem with.

Now, I can understand if a manufacturer might release one variant much later on in a device’s lifespan to add a major feature which wasn’t previously available (such as LTE support). but what Motorola is doing is far from that and is basically a slap in the face to early adopters of the Droid RAZR – who will now have to fork out an extra 500-600 dollars or Euros for a new RAZR if they ever want to see a custom ROM or kernel on their device.                                                                                       I honestly wouldn’t have even said anything if Motorola offered a free swap to Droid RAZR customers who want the Developer Edition instead, but that’s just not the way they roll unfortunately.

If Google’s $12.5 Billion purchase of Motorola goes through let’s just hope that they adopt Google’s motto of “Don’t be Evil” (even if Google’s currently having a hard time adhering to it themselves).


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